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About Kertu

I am here to bathe you in love. Here to offer my presence and support on your journey of becoming YOU.
I am here, when you hear a whisper calling you to work with me.


I facilitate soul-nurturing spaces in a form of 1:1 sessions and immersions, where I bathe you in love and inspire you to awaken to your soul remembrance of who you truly are and why you came here. I guide you back to your truth within, I guide you to follow your inner compass and authority. I inspire you to return to deep-rooted trust that you are always held, guided and divinely supported on your way back to living from your deepest alignment. 


I am currently on The Pleasure Temple training of De-Armouring & Sacred Spaceholding for Feminine Embodiment. In the beginning of 2021 I spent 2 months in a Peruvian jungle studying under Don Enrique from a respected Lopez-Mahua family lineage of the Shipibo tradition.


In my work I become a vessel for the highest light plant spirits to work through me. I channel unconditional love and my presence is a sanctuary of calm where all of you is welcome, allowed and encouraged. I am a trauma and nervous-system informed practitioner whose steadiest pillar in sessions and spaces I create is unshakable safety. In my work I combine de-armouring, energy work, trauma release and healing touch, gentleness, sacred rituals, gentle earth medicines and lots of love and empathy. I never push or force anything. I have no goal or agenda. I am not an authority. You are the one who knows yourself the best. You have all the answers within. I simply gently guide you to reconnect to those answers and unfold into your highest alignment.


My presence is a sanctuary of calm where all of you is welcome, allowed and encouraged.

My Story

I was born and raised in the magical and wild Estonia, a precious fairy-land with a suppressive past of countless occupations - the soviet regime being the most recent one. These foreign rulerships have resulted in a multitude of collective and societal trauma that still affect lives and dynamics of the people of this land today. At the age of 19 I left Estonia, being called to collect wisdom and experiences outside of the borders of my little home country and find out who I was -- and perhaps, one day return with a renewed sense of purpose and service to the land and it's people. 

I moved to Denmark to study and pursue a career in the fashion industry. After 4 years I experienced a big break-down and a wake-up call as a result of having lived in a massive disconnection from myself. Overwhelmed by the extent in which my life had to change, nothing else made sense other than following my excitement and allowing that to guide my way home back to myself. I then started connecting with my spiritual interests that I was fascinated with since childhood. Since that time I have immersed myself in studies of trauma, nervous system, healing, feminine & masculine dynamics and various spiritual traditions around the world. I have been continuously deepening my relationship to the Mother Earth and committing on walking my path of the heart with great trust in the divine unfolding of life, seeing everything and everyone I encounters on my path as a teacher and an opportunity to grow into an even more integrated human being of great integrity, compassion and purity.

Since the wake-up call, my work and offerings have become an extension of who I am and what moves me. In the last many years I have been involved with promoting Ecstatic Dance events in Copenhagen, building Nature Tales conscious community, assisting with- and arranging countless cacao ceremonies, concerts, community events and small conscious festivals.

I have helped new-paradigm-aligned business owners and projects with graphic design, marketing and web design, as well as worked as a personal assistant for spiritual entrepreneurs, supporting those, whose mission I deeply resonate with.

In January 2021 I miraculously manifested a trip to Peru, where I spent two months in the jungle studying under the Lopez-Mahua lineage of the Shipibo tradition and completing two master plant dietas where I stepped into student-master relationship with powerful healing plants of the Amazon. This deeply profound journey was my divine initiation and baptism into my deepest purpose and path in this lifetime.

In March 2021 I started The Pleasure Temple Training in De-Armouring & Sacred Spaceholding for Feminine Embodiment. In this training I am immersing myself deep in the art of trauma release through de-armouring and nervous-system informed spaceholding, combining feminine intelligence and intuition with neuroscience, epigenetics and polyvagal theory to help women step into their true sovereign power and live from their deepest soul alignment.

I am in service to love, regenerative transformation, my plant teachers, Mother Earth and generations who walked before me, those who are walking with me and those who will come after. 

Today my primary soul offerings include 1:1 de-armouring & healing sessions for women, 1:1 immersions and mentorships, and hosting & supporting soul-nourishing group gatherings. In my approach I mainly combine wisdom gathered over the years-long studies, embodiment, earth wisdom, teachings directly from the plant spirits, de-armouring, energy work, sharp intuition and wisdom of trauma.


Collaborations and




If you wish to work on a project together or co-create a workshop, event or a retreat with me, I would love to hear from you.

I am also available and excited to assist you at your own retreats and events. 


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