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1:1 De-Armouring & Healing Sessions

Ceremonial ~ Multi-Dimensional ~ Devotional


De-armouring is a trauma and nervous-system aware bodywork method, which releases blockages, tensions, stagnation, suppressed emotions and the armor that most of us store in our body - caused by trauma, stress, fear, unhealthy thought patterns, stress or other painful experiences.

The body creates armour after experiencing a traumatic event on a smaller or a bigger scale, resulting in the nervous system activation and imbalance. These blockages suppress the natural flow of energy in the body.

When the life force energy is in its natural flow, we are balanced in the body, mind and spirit. We feel light, inspired, magnetic, creative, vibrant and “in our element”. We are able to feel more pleasure and are more in tune with our needs, desires and boundaries.

When we operate in fear, stress and over-giving, our bodies become desensitized and energy gets stuck, causing further blockages in our being. In order to push through and keep up, we develop armour as a defence mechanism. Our nervous system becomes imbalanced, and we then act from a misaligned space within us, which can manifest in people-pleasing, low self worth, lack of attunement to our own boundaries and inability to cultivate and contain abundance, just to name a few.

During a de-armouring session we work with clearing stagnancy and trauma on a root level, and release life force energy through letting go of subconscious, energetic and physical restraints that have kept you in restricted behaviours. De-armouring opens up the energy flow and the connection between mind and body. This way, blockages and stuck trauma in the tissues of the body can be released.


De-armouring creates spaciousness in the body and energy field, and can expand our ability to relax, feel pleasure, live & manifest from a place of a deeper soul alignment and express our truth.

Nature of My De-Armouring Sessions

In my 1:1 sessions I create a fully safe space for you to open and release what no longer serves. ​​I work with deep awareness of trauma and the nervous system, with a holistic approach including energetics and spirituality.

Each of my 1:1 session is a sacred ceremony, moment to moment witnessing, holding space for and tending to the being and becoming of my client - energetically held, guided and supported by our spirit allies & guardians.


In communion with my intuition, higher self and my plant allies, I move beyond the wishes and expectations of my ego, and surrender to the guidance above and beyond me.


I hold a deep presence and loving space for all that moves in you, in vast honouring and reverence to your body's innate wisdom and intelligence. I hold space, give space, create space and allow space, blessing the sacredness in all that emerges in you, honouring the beauty of all spectrums of your being - from sadness to anger, to joy, to fears and pleasure. Creating space for you to be held in your wholeness. Creating spaciousness for energies to move - offering them to Mother Earth, Father Sky and spirits of the highest light to transmute. 


I channel unconditional love and aim to create a fully safe and energetically pure space, allowing you to unfold at your natural pace and for your body to open by itself like a flower, without ever pushing or forcing anything. No goal or agenda. Simply witnessing. Encouraging. Supporting. Cherishing.

During the session we work with profound relaxation & re-wiring of your nervous system, expand your body's ability to feel safe and meet your soul's longing to be seen and held in all you are. We release tensions, stagnation & blocked energy, old stories, traumas and armours that may prevent you from living from your highest truth and soul alignment. The more armour is removed, the easier it becomes for the body to feel more pleasure and open up to higher amounts of life force energy, ease, flow, calm and pleasure.

In my sessions I aim to create a sacred imprint and a new experience in terms of safety, slowness, honouring your whole being and encouraging all of you - which is something that many women have never before truly experienced. This is where true nervous system rewiring happens.


I empower you to always be in charge of what happens in the session, and your body is in charge of how deep we will go that day. I honour your natural pace of opening and boundaries deeply. This is a safe space for healing. For transformation, liberation and of remembering your wholeness and sacredness.


I will support you during the post-session integration process with my presence, in case you need that.

Methods I Combine
in the Session

  • The polyvagal theory around the nervous system to rewire and heal it

  • Nervous system relaxation

  • Channeling

  • Prayer

  • Inner Child Healing & Meeting with the Higher Self

  • Sensitive and intuitive de-armouring in tune with the body’s own nature and opening

  • Trauma wisdom

  • Intuitive touch and healing

  • Energy work and bestowing of blessings guided by and channeled from my plant teachers

  • Tantric touch and life force activation

  • Sacred sounds

  • Empathy, unconditional love and undivided presence

  • Gentle plant medicines (such as rapé or tobacco for cleansing), if there is a calling and readiness for that


Benefits of

  • ​Reduces anxiety, depression, panic attacks & fight/flight mode

  • ​Regulates and re-wires the autonomic nervous system

  • Gives you a completely new imprint of safety, slowness and honouring of your feminine body

  • Enhances embodiment and grounding, boosts body-confidence, self-worth and trust.

  • Heals past abuse, traumas and addictions by working through the armour and belief systems

  • Reduces stress, tension, and "unexplainable" physical symptoms

  • Removes shame and guilt, inability to be in the body and experience pleasure

  • Addresses other spiritual, emotional, sexual, relational, physical "conditions"

  • Learn to fully let go and surrender, experiencing joy and life force flow in the body 

  • Learn to express your boundaries and desires

  • Trust in yourself and in your path


Each of my 1:1 session is a sacred ceremony, moment to moment witnessing, holding space for and tending to the being and becoming of my client - energetically held, guided and supported by our spirit allies & guardians.

How Does the Session Take Place?

De-Armouring session with me takes place in Saltrup, Nordsjælland, 1h-train ride or 40-minute car ride away from Copenhagen.  The treatment room is located 350 meters from the train station. Session in Copenhagen is a possibility for an extra fee - please reach out down below if you would prefer that option.

The session lasts around 2.5 hours including a small conversation beforehand, where we tune into each other and I ask about your situation and your physical and mental symptoms as well as traumas, your intention, wishes and boundaries. Here you have a chance to ask questions and be met in ways that deepen your feeling of safety before we start.

Afterwards you are invited to lay down on a mattress, wearing as much or little clothes as you feel comfortable and safe in.

The session normally begins with me tuning into the energy of your body, often saying a prayer, and then it continues with deep relaxation of your nervous system and body. Throughout the whole session we remain in communication around both what comes up for you and how to navigate it, as well as your boundaries, needs and wishes. When you and your body is deeply relaxed and safe, we often move further to specific pressure points to release armour.

In the session I work with gentle strokes, tantric touch, pressures on different points of the body, conscious breathing, sacred energy work and healing - always guided by my intuition and that which can serve you the best in that particular moment.  

I may intuitively feel a calling to hum or sing to different parts of your being to move the energy and create spaciousness. Sometimes I may choose to use instruments to support the energy work. In the approach I also channel energy work of the highest light spirits of my plant teachers. 


Sometimes we do inner child work to energetically release and re-write parts of your trauma story.

The session flows intuitively - Much more than following a specific method, I am in this space with you and for you - tuning into what is needed and most called for in that specific moment. The session can take many forms and no two treatments are alike.

A de-armouring session can trigger anger, crying, shouting, laughter, and other emotional expressions for the old traumas and stagnancy to be released and for the rewiring of the nervous-system to happen. I hold a fully safe space and am there for you with my unshakable presence and support, allowing all parts of you to be expressed while encouraging it. Absolutely everything is welcome. 

The session closes with you having some moments to lay by yourself, taking the time you need to return to a sitting position. In that time I often cleanse you with smudging or blessing you with smoke - if there is consent. I might play etheric instruments around your energy field to seal the session and harmonize your energy. If you feel a calling for it, we might have a little post-session conversation while drinking tea and having snacks, or you might want to leave immediately. All is well. 



1 session 1000 DKK

3 sessions - 2700 DKK

A lot can be moved and released in just one session. Although it is my experience that working with clients over several meetings creates a deepening in mutual trust, and therefore often allows a deeper transformation to occur in a long-lasting regenerative manner.


It humbles me to the core to  be able to witness and support my client's process and becoming over months of working together.

You are welcome to feel into whether you want to work together for a longer period of time after our first session together. 


To book your session or inquire more information, please write me a message down below. I will get back to you shortly. We will together find a perfect time for your session.


Looking so much forward to hear from you!

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