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1:1 De-Armouring Practice Sessions

I am here to bathe you in love. Here to offer my presence and support on your journey of becoming YOU. I am nothing and everything. I am no one and every one. I simply am. Here, when you hear a whisper calling you to work with me.


I facilitate nourishing soul-nurturing spaces in a form of 1:1 sessions, sacred ceremonies and gatherings, where I bathe you in love and inspire you to awaken to your soul remembrance of who you truly are and why you came here. I guide you back to your truth within, I guide you to follow your inner compass and authority. I inspire you to return to deep-rooted trust that you are always held, guided and divinely supported on your way back to living from your deepest alignment. 


I am currently on The Pleasure Temple training of De-Armouring & Sacred Spaceholding for Feminine Embodiment. In the beginning of 2021 I spent 2 months in a Peruvian jungle studying under Don Enrique from a respected Lopez-Mahua family lineage of the Shipibo tradition, where I was initiated into working with the Grandmother of the Amazon and completed 2 master plant dietas. 


In my work I become a vessel for the highest light plant spirits to work through me. I channel unconditional love and my presence is a sanctuary of calm where all of you is welcome, allowed and encouraged. I am a trauma and nervous-system informed practitioner whose steadiest pillar in sessions and spaces I create is unshakable safety. In my work I combine de-armouring, energy work, trauma release and healing touch, gentleness, sacred ceremonies & rituals, plant medicines and lots of love and empathy. I never push or force anything. I have no goal or agenda. I am not an authority. You are the one who knows yourself the best. You have all the answers within. I simply gently guide you to find these answers and unfold into your highest alignment.

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