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Elevating your soul into serenity of your being

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​Gentle Soul-Nourishing Spaces & Gatherings

 1:1 De-Armouring & Healing Sessions for Women

Wisdom of the Plants

Current Offerings

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In her approach Kertu is mainly combining wisdom gathered over the years-long studies, embodiment, shamanism, teachings directly from the plant spirits, de-armouring, energy work, sharp intuition, epigenetics and wisdom of trauma.


About Me

Trauma-Informed Spaceholder

Sacred Energy Worker

De-Armouring Practitioner

Servant of Master Plants


I create sacred spaces for women to reconnect to their inner authority, reclaim their worth and remember why they came here.



Dearest Kertu, thank you for a truly amazing session! You held such a beautiful and safe space, and you were so respectful and intuitive. I felt so taken care of and released so much anger and it was profound to feel how my body let go. I loved how I could use my voice, scream and howl at the top of my lungs, and be held and encouraged by you. It truly was such a relief. It is such a beautiful combination of me surrendering and letting go and being held at the same time. Thank you dearest sister, I can truly recommend you to all souls.


Kertu is a very old soul incarnated in a very young body. She has the most gentle loving heart and you instantly feel safe around her spirit. She is so gentle and has a very feminine calm essence. 

She really cares for her surroundings and for Mother Earth. One of her most profound gifts is to empower other people to trust in their own power and gifts. She can do so because she herself embodies infinite trust, which is a very special gift only a few truly have and it is pure medicine to be around. 

When you look Kertu in the eyes it is like looking at a loving old source of wisdom you just want to get more of.


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